Campaigning journalism in support of our NHS

For many years the NHS has been unable to escape crisis and has struggled to keep up with the needs of patients. undermined by flawed government policy.

We need to raise awareness and create more pressure on our politicians so that coming out of the pandemic the NHS and its staff get the support they need.

The issues are complex, misinformation is rife and the public needs early information about threats to the NHS and access to its services.

This is why we created a new, evidence-based, and regular source of public information, to explain policy, investigate issues and keep the public right up to date.

In 2019 we published the first edition of The Lowdown – which produces campaigning journalism and research, is published bi-weekly, and is freely available.

You can help us by supporting our team of journalists and researchers so that they can work on the crucial issue of how to build capacity within the NHS in the wake of the pandemic.

You will be helping us…

  1. to provide a free public resource, with analysis about what’s happening in the NHS and what it needs to deliver care to us all.
  2. to be an antidote to the frequent misinformation from ministers.
  3. to report on the ideas to create change and the work of campaigners, trade unions, and NHS staff – to help build an effective network of NHS supporters.


The mighty effort taking place now to fight Covid, comes after a decade of underinvestment in NHS staff and equipment, wasteful reorganizations, and growing privatisation of services, it is crucial to help the NHS to adapt to the rising demands of our population.

Recent history tells us we can’t leave it to our politicians to adequately support the NHS and therefore the public and NHS staff must be involved.

We know for example, that the NHS workforce plan is still not properly funded and, despite ministers’ claims of progress, that there are still 90,000 vacancies.

If you can, please donate to help fund our work so we can improve public awareness and challenge our policymakers to build a more sustainable NHS.

So far, with the help of our supporters, we have produced 40 issues of the Lowdown and over 500 articles: we have broken new local and national stories, decoded ministers words on funding, highlighted the growing role of the private sector, looked at solutions to the social care crisis. Exposed plans which restrict services and talked about the big new idea of integrated care and how our health system compares to others around the world.

To build on that success we want to recruit and train new journalists to specialise in the reporting we need to help to inform the public and activists,

If you can, please donate to help fund the work of our journalists and researchers – so that they can improve public awareness and challenge our policymakers to build a more sustainable NHS, that is comprehensive, publicly driven, and available to us all.


Here are four of the crucial issues around which you will be helping to develop the public debate.

  1. Why is there still no funded plan to raise staffing across the NHS?
  2. Why is the government investing in the private sector rather than NHS capacity?
  3. What can we do to make NHS decisions more accountable to the people they affect?
  4. The level of unmet need is rising and access to some care more inequitable, how can we change that?
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Paul Evans (NHS Support Federation) and Dr John Lister (London Health Emergency, KONP and HCT), with over 50 years combined experience between them as researchers and campaigners are leading this project to build a news and investigation unit to inform NHS supporters and workers.

We have a small staff team and a growing community of freelance contributors. we are non-profit making, independent and our work is evidence-based and freely available.

We are committed to helping to train and support the next generation of health journalists, as they are essential to holding our politicians and health leaders to account and getting to the truth.


‘Great journalism giving campaigners the evidence we rely on to defend the NHS – a really valuable asset.”
– Tony O’Sullivan, Co-chair Keep Our NHS Public

“It is a classy font of investigative journalism,”
– David Baines, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, Newcastle University

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If you like our content please support our campaigning journalism to protect health care for all. 

Our goal is to inform people, hold our politicians to account and help to build change through evidence based ideas.

Everyone should have access to comprehensive healthcare, but our NHS needs support. You can help us to continue to counter bad policy, battle neglect of the NHS and correct dangerous mis-infomation.

Supporters of the NHS are crucial in sustaining our health service and with your help we will be able to engage more people in securing its future.

Please donate to help support our campaigning NHS research and  journalism.