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The Lowdown is an evidence-based website that tells you about what’s happening to your NHS. Our journalists and researchers produce regular news, investigations and analysis that are available for free, to help you keep track and understand policy. 

We aim to create a community of people who support the idea of healthcare for all who can help to raise public awareness and involvement   Why not join us, we need your support

By holding decisions makers to account, talking about injustice and thinking about ways to improve the way our NHS works – our ultimate aim is to ensure that excellent healthcare is truly available to us all. The public and NHS staff have a crucial part to play in protecting this idea and improving services.

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Who are we?

Paul Evans of the NHS Support Federation and Dr John Lister (London Health Emergency, Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together), with almost 60 years combined experience between them as researchers and campaigners are leading this project to build a news and investigation unit to inform NHS supporters and workers.

We have small staff and a growing community of freelance contributors. We are committed to helping to train and support the next generation of health journalists as they are an essential tool in holding our politicians and health leaders to account and getting to the truth.

How does it work?

The Lowdown will help any supporter of the NHS, staff member, trade unionist or campaigner to keep pace with a full range of NHS issues and policy.

We will summarise news from across the media and health journals, provide critical analysis, and where necessary highlight news that might otherwise be missed, and make complex proposals understandable through a range of briefings.

This is something quite new. We aim to provide people with the information tools they need to negotiate, communicate, campaign and lobby in defence of the NHS.

The project aims to be self-sustaining, enabling it also to undertake investigations and research that other organisations aren’t undertaking.

By donating and backing the mission of the project, you can will help develop this new resource, ensuring it is freely available, get first sight of each issue and be able to choose more personalised content.

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