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How to save the NHS

We should all be able to get healthcare when we need it.

The NHS makes this powerful idea possible, but despite the immense efforts of NHS staff, our health service has been struggling for some time to care for all its patients, and now with COVID, it’s far worse.

We know how important the NHS is, most of us rely upon it. but our appreciation must convert into meaningful support: not only by recruiting more staff and boosting resources, but also through more effective organisation, but we have been publishing evidence that tells a grim story.

It shows how recent governments have consistently failed to provide enough support and how policies have undermined safety. NHS staff tell us how these failures stop them from providing proper care and have created delays, suffering and deaths.

And yet ministers often provide a different picture, that is misleading, and in our experience rarely provides the clarity or honesty that the public deserves.

Yet It is more important than ever for us all know what is happening in our NHS, what is being done in our name, and what support our NHS needs.

This is why In 2019 we set up The Lowdown to produce evidence-based, campaigning journalism and research for the public and NHS staff. A new dedicated insight service, to work alongside all those that already do so much to fight for the NHS.

Working together we want to create the change the NHS needs; by supporting a more truthful and informed public debate, by helping to empower NHS supporters and by challenging our politicians to do better.

We are delighted that since our launch we are engaging a whole new audience.


    • Alert the public to threats to the idea of health care for all  
    • Counter misinformation and false claims, 
    • investigate key issues like privatisation, staffing and patient safety 
    • Publish evidence about how to solve the crisis, 
    • Publicise the campaigns and views of NHS staff and the public


The NHS does not To help watch over the NHS and to build a community of informed NHS supporters, who can influence and safeguard its future. 

Many people are doing fantastic work in support of the NHS; staff, campaigners, trade unions and other journalists and our work is designed to give them the evidence and analysis they need. 

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Dear Reader,

If you like our content please support our campaigning journalism to protect health care for all. 

Our goal is to inform people, hold our politicians to account and help to build change through evidence based ideas.

Everyone should have access to comprehensive healthcare, but our NHS needs support. You can help us to continue to counter bad policy, battle neglect of the NHS and correct dangerous mis-infomation.

Supporters of the NHS are crucial in sustaining our health service and with your help we will be able to engage more people in securing its future.

Please donate to help support our campaigning NHS research and  journalism.