UNISON members at Bradford Hospital whose lively week-long strike has failed to secure any retreat from management could be set for further action.

The union if fighting to keep support staff 100% NHS, and against Trust plans to set up a tax-dodging “Wholly owned company”.

A letter from the branch quoted in the local Telegraph and Argus states: “Following a week of solid industrial action by estates and facility staff, the Trust has refused to cease or even postpone its plans to transfer staff into the private company Bradford facility services.

“The Trust stated in the meeting that they wished to look into ways  of giving more assurance around terms and conditions but accepted that as yet they could not make guarantees that would legally prevent future changes to terms by lawfully terminating contracts and offering inferior ones.

“Unison informed the Trust that it will now seek to take more sustained action in view of the Trust’s response.

“We are therefore in the process of issuing a new industrial action notice, with aim of taking a continuing and indefinite programme of action subject to regular democratic members meetings to ensure there is a broad consensus.

“In the meantime we are in the process of taking steps to ensure the strike is financially supported across the union and labour movement as a whole.”

Please give solidarity, and sign the petition: https://t.co/36IOCztADi

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