As performance levels of acute trusts plummets and the winter draws near, with no additional winter funding made available to trusts this year by NHS England, the relatively new PFI-funded Peterborough City Hospital is giving cause for concern.

Delays of up to 6 hours in transferring emergency patients from ambulances in to the Emergency department have been reported to the local newspaper.

Ambulances queued outside Peterborough City Hospital – photo Peterborough Live

The percentage of A&E patients treated, discharged or admitted within the target 4 hours has fallen from 92.6 per cent a year ago to just 75.8 per cent in October, while the number of hours ambulances have been stuck outside the hospital unable to hand over patients has almost trebled from 312 to 886 in the same period.

Latest figures confirm downward trend in NHS performance

Worryingly the latest A&E performance figures indicate that these are far from the worst-performing trusts in England: on the October figures the bottom of the heap for treating the most serious Type 1 A&E cases within 4 hours is Lancashire Teaching Hospitals, bumping along at less than half the target percentage of 95%: eight more trusts are scoring below 60%.

The bottom ten performing trusts include Hillingdon Hospital, local to Boris Johnson’s constituency. He will no doubt be hoping his constituents remain unaware of this failure so close to home.


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