A ‘prayer motion’ sponsored by Jeremy Corbyn and six other Labour MPs has been tabled in the House of Commons in an attempt to prevent major changes being made to the current legislation on providing GP services without full Parliamentary scrutiny.


The changes are being introduced by the Department of Health and Social Care using Statutory Instrument 2019 No. 248 – The Amendments Relating to the Provision of Integrated Care Regulations 2019. Changing legislation in this way means that MPs do not get the chance to debate or vote on the legislation.


The changes that will be introduced by the statutory instrument will be part of the new integrated care provider contract that NHS England is due to introduce in 2019 as part of its drive to convert all areas of England to integrated care systems.


The amendments will allow whichever organisation holds one of NHS England’s new integrated care provider contracts to take control over the provision of primary care and directly employ GPs. This means that a single organisation can hold a contract for all health care in an area – hospital, community and primary care. The contract leaves open the chance for private companies to take on the lead role, although a report by the Health Select committee judges that this looks unlikely in practice.


The prayer motion or NHS early day motion (EDM) No. 2103 is the only way to annul the changes before they take effect on 1 April 2019. As of 5 March, the motion had been signed by 30 MPs, with the deadline for signing 24 March 2019.


Campaign groups, including 999 Call for the NHS, are urging people to lobby their MPs to sign the prayer motion, and has produced a template letter to send to MPs. 999 Call for the NHS is continuing its legal action against NHS England over the introduction of the integrated care provider contract.


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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for supporting this important (too little known about) Prayer Motion.
    If we can get the Labour Party to really get behind it and see secondary legislation annulled (and highlighted as dangerous) this will be a wonderful moment in NHS Campaigning and opposition to govt. politics.
    Thanks to The Lowdown for their support. And to all campaigners who have sent us messages of support too.
    Please keep pushing

    Steve Carne

  2. Avatar
    Rachel Harley

    Leave our NHS alone. We want nothing to do with privatisation.

  3. Avatar
    Brian Roy Heywood

    Stop the government passing this NHS bill through the back door

  4. Avatar
    Philip Morris

    You must surely realise that privatisation involves much more cost which must be taken from the care element of the sum allowed?
    Has your tender list been vetted for track record of prioritisation of care over profit?

  5. Avatar
    David Aldred

    Please do not stand idly by and allow these ‘Amendments Relating to the Provision of Integrated Care Regulations 2019’ to be smuggled in under the very noses of your fellow, somewhat preoccupied, MPs.

  6. Avatar
    Margaret Mackenzie

    Our NHS is certainly not safe in the Tories hands. During the Atlee Labour government in the 1940s the Conservatives then voted 22 times against the NHS passage through Parliament, they were hell bent on refusing the 99% free health care and today in 2019 because the Tories have sold everything else off their left with our NHS and that’s their intention now. They stand up in Pariliment saying the NHS will be free to the point of use while all along their back room aids are drawing up plans to privatise it. Vote Labour they created our NHS and will save it from private big cooperatives and their share holders or you go back to the days of home remedies and quakes.

  7. Avatar
    joan norton

    Keep our Health Service free of privatisation