Lowdown stories and the editor’s pick from the rest of the media (24 June 2020)

Will “temporary” closures and cuts ever be reversed?

Tough questions that need answers on care home death toll

10 questions to ask about the NHS deal with the private hospitals

NHS deal with private hospitals blocked by Treasury

Support grows for NHS birthday events: Our NHS deserves better!

Merseyside staff call to scrap migrant charges

Who stands to gain from the NHS deal with private hospitals?

NAO report reminds NHS of extra PFI costs to come

Editors pick of stories from the last two weeks:

Thousands of GP surgeries receive faulty PPE

Pulse reports that more than 5,000 GP practices and others received faulty face masks which posed a risk to users. The data is from two wholesalers. The face masks were past their expiry date, but had been relabelled with a new date, 

Full story in Pulse, 6 July 2020

Shifts at private coronavirus mega-lab cancelled, whistleblower reveals

The Independent reports that it has been informed by a whistleblower that dozens of shifts at one of the government’s coronavirus mega-labs have been cancelled and staff paid to stay away because of a lack of test samples.

Full story in The Independent, 3 July 2020

Unions call on government for ‘early’ NHS pay rise

14 trade unions representing nurses, cleaners, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, and other NHS employees have written to both the chancellor and the prime minister calling for pay negotiations to start soon, to give the workforce a chance of an early pay rise.

Full story in The HSJ, 3 July 2020

‘Urgent’ reviews launched by NHSE as learning disability death rates double

HSJ reports that NHS England and NHS Improvement have ordered urgent reviews into the deaths of people with a learning disability and autism during the pandemic. HSJ reports that it has seen messages on a private facebook group and an announcement posted on a social media group for Royal College of Nursing members last week, which said that the NHSE/I is “urgently seeking clinical reviewers with experience in learning disability”.

Full story in The HSJ, 1 July 2020

A choral tribute to health workers who died of coronavirus

A new song by the London Symphony Chorus, Never to Forget, was recorded remotely and pays tribute to the first 122 health and care workers to have lost their lives fighting the coronavirus.

Full story in The Guardian, 30 June 2020

Charging migrants for NHS services needs to stop

An outreach organisation, Doctors of the World, had been providing care to rough sleepers in the City of London for six months. It supports more than 2,000 individuals a year at its mobile clinic and walk-in centre in Stratford, east London.

Full story in The Guardian, 30 June 2020

The assault on the NHS: de-funding, outsourcing and marketisation

Dr Bob Gill “writes we have endured four decades of neoliberal policies supported, enacted but not explained by politicians: the NHS must be re-nationalised and excluded from a US-UK trade deal which would lock-in privatisation.”

Full article on WeOwnIt, 29 June 2020

Mass expansion of rehab beds for Covid planned

NHS leaders are currently working on plans to expand NHS capacity with the aim of allowing the service to deal with a potential second peak, without relying on shutting down as many normal NHS services as it did in March.

Full story in The HSJ, 29 June 2020

A Care-Led Recovery from Coronavirus

A report by the Women’s Budget Group offers the case for investment in care as a better post-pandemic economic stimulus than construction. Investing in care is economically sound not only because it generates employment but also because it helps create a healthier, better educated and more productive population.

Full report Women’s Budget Group, June 2020

SAGE: ‘Improve test and trace system before schools reopen’

The scientific committee that advises the government says increasing school attendance and relaxing other physical distancing measures without a test-and-trace system that reaches 80% of contacts within 48 hours risks a new surge in cases of Covid-19.

Full story in The Guardian, 26 June 2020

Jeremy Hunt calls to scrap waiting time target

Hunt says the Royal College of Surgeons reveals there will be huge waiting lists for surgery that could take five years to clear, and health service capacity will be limited by the new requirements for social distancing and PPE, so new targets are needed.

Full story in the HSJ, 26 June 2020

NHS restoration delayed waiting for cash

Despite government assurances the NHS would get “whatever it needs” leaders of NHS trusts, wanting to proceed with restoring health services, say they’re not getting promised funding.

Full story in the HSJ, 24 June 2020


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