Landmark £800m outcomes based contract collapses after eight months (HSJ: 3 December 2015)

MPs round on ambulance firm Arriva after revelation it wrongly claimed £1.5m in bonuses (Manchester Evening News: 3 November 2015)

Arriva may face SFO fraud inquiry over NHS deal (The Independent: 8 November 2016)

Reliance on agencies follows growing concern about shortages of NHS staff (Telegraph: 23 May 2015)

The Hinchingbrooke fiasco shows privatisation is no answer to NHS woes (The Guardian: 9 January 2015)

The patients who can’t leave hospital – because no one will make a profit (Guardian: 7 January 2015)

Study finds flaws in the market for mental health services (University of Chester: 9 December 2013)

Why do private sector zealots choose to ignore the countless ways public money underpins daily life? (The Independent: 13 November 2013)

Competition rules over merger has cost NHS £1.8m, BMJ probe shows (British Medical Journal:15 October 2013)

Rail privatisation has failed – and the NHS is hurtling down the same track (The Guardian: 10 March 2012)

North-East MP calls for end to the ‘creeping privatisation’ of the NHS (Northern Echo: 8 October 2013)

Serco condemned over move to offload troubled GP service in Cornwall. (The Guardian: 11 October 2013)

NHS England warning: Monitor’s proposals ‘could put services at risk’ (Health Service Journal: 10 September 2013)

CCGs ‘urging GPs to refer to NHS trusts’ against competition law (Pulse: 5 September 2013)

UK blood plasma company sale ‘endangers NHS supplies’ (The Guardian: 25 August 2013)

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