Emis notified investors that it is due to receive penalties “in the order of upper single digits of millions of pounds” after failing to meet requirements in it’s GP system of Choice contract.

The company underwent an internal review of its customers and product support processes led by CEO, Andy Thorburn. After conveying those results to NHS digital, the findings suggest there were categories where Emis failed to meet the standards set out. However, they have published a statement saying that no security was breached: “Our immediate priority was to assess the extent of any clinical safety considerations. Our specialist clinical safety team, has concluded this assessment and there is no evidence that public safety or patient data has been put at risk as a result of this issue.”

The company provides 57% of all general practices in England under the GP System of Choice contract. GPSoC standards are reported monthly and any failure to comply results in financial penalties, which is expected to be upwards of £7m. NHS Digital said, “Emis Group have made us aware that they have not met some of their service and reporting obligations under the GP System of Choice Contract. We are now carrying out our own detailed analysis of the situation with their full cooperation”.…read more

Digital Health: 22 January 2018

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