Ashford and St Peter’s Foundation Trust threatened to serve notice on an operational agreement with BMI Healthcare under which the trust provides some services to the company’s Runnymede Hospital, which is physically linked to St Peter’s Hospital but is in a building leased to BMI.

In a financial management committee report to the board last month, director of finance and information Simon Marshall said it appeared BMI was “focused on the proposed sale of their business rather than the development of patient care… it is only right that the trust reviews its operations to ensure that it is adequately involved in shaping the future of the site”. It said serving notice would “get BMI around the table”.

The current agreement with the company consists of two parts – a long term lease over the property, which involves a profit share agreement and which the trust cannot terminate early, and the operational agreement, which can be terminated early.

Full Story HSJ, 9 July 2018

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