Since being outsourced by Capita in September 2015, Primary Care Support England (PCSE) has had increasing problems. To target improvements within the service, NHS England had a management watch team. However, since ending, the British Medical Association (BMA) reports an escalated issue of significantly slowed down services.

GP pension delays are at the centre of the scandal and there is an increasing number of reasons why the BMA say they are behind this. A Capita spokesperson said, “PCSE is responsible for administering pension documents on behalf of NHS England. We ensure forms have been completed properly and all required information has been provided by the GP”.

However, Capita say that bank details are unavailable online for security reasons. A previous statement that said all forms need to be sent from an NHS email address has been retracted, yet locum A and B forms do not reflect that. NHSE and Capita still have unallocated money and questionably up to date pension records. Despite agreeing to release annual statements, this is not yet evidenced.…read more

On Medica: 22 March 2018

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